Eric David Blog

The Any Key plug-in for Mozilla Firefox is the most useful thing since sliced bread!

So I contributed to it. I built the Hebrew Phonetic keyboard mapping. What Any Key does when activated is simply remap your keys so you can type in other languages or keymaps within Firefox form fields. There are some typical keyboard mappings that behave identical to changing the language in the OS, but the real beauty lies in the phonetic mappings. Type the key in English that sounds equivalent and you get the alternative language keystroke.

The latest version of Any Key supports phonetic Hebrew, Russian/Ukrainian, Arabic/Farsi/Hindustani and Mongolian as well as a bunch of non-phonetic mappings. My typing in speed in Hebrew just went from about 10 wpm to about half as fast as English.

The Hebrew mapping is completely phonetic and logical with alternative letters and final characters (sofi) available by using the shift key. For example, aleph is a and ain is A, samekh is s, sin/shin is S, mem is m, mem-sofi is M. Two letters do not have phonetic English equivalents- tzadik and khet. Tzadik/tzadik-sofi is mapped to x/X because in print letters (ktav) it very-vaguely of looks like the letter x. Russian phonetic uses h for the khet sound (letter "khe" in Russian written as "x") but Russian has no H sound where Hebrew has the letter "hey" using the h-key so for lack of any other appropriate key khet is mapped to q.