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Database Month Spring-2013 concludes with our 101st NYC MySQL Group Meetup

Over 4,500-members invited to a cognac-celebration honoring the world's largest database Meetup's 101st event, which was also the grand finale event of the Spring-2013 Database Month festival.

Feedback from festival-goers included:

"Great Event! Great Venue! Great people! A MUST BE THERE event!"

"Pretty damn good!"

"Great group of technocrats"

"Eric was awesome as the host. He bought in a lot of energy to the meet."

"First the creator of PHP, now the creator of MySQL. Good stuff."

"Awesome....first time, and hope for more soon."

"Excellent presentation!! Thanks, Eric, for hosting talks about different database flavors and trade-offs at MySQL meetup.

As well as slews of short-responses like: excellent!, fantastic, encouraging and keen, cool, It is wonderful, great and truly insightful, I love it, thank you...

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